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I am what I am: a mother of three who still feels (and sometimes acts) like a teenager. I'm a music loving computer geek who also likes to mess around with photography in my spare time. My idea of the perfect day is sitting at the piano for hours and playing whatever comes to mind. I love everything about music whether it be listening to someone else's great tunes or writing my own. I can't imagine a world without music. Although some of the images, audio and videos I post are my own, most I've found while surfing the internet. If you own any of the material in my blog and would like me to remove it, please contact me and I will be happy to do so.
"Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark."
— Bryce Courtenay
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